Presentation Instructions for Online Presenters

This instruction is for presenters of Group V. Instruction for Group A/B/C is Here

  • Online presenters are requested to present only at "online poster session V" held on Gather. The poster session consists of a short talk session at the beginning of each session and a main poster exhibition session.
  • Authors are requested to prepare the following materials:
    1. Short presentation slides
    2. Poster files for online session
    3. See instructions below for details.

Online Short Talk Session

  • You are requested to make a 2-minute oral presentation for all attendees on Gather at the beginning of the session of your paper. Please prepare your presentation slides up to 3 pages (including a title slide) in a PDF file.
  • PDF files of all presenters are assembled into a single PDF file in advance, and displayed by a session chair. The session chair will advance your slides according to your instructions.
  • No modification of slides after submission is allowed.
  • After the short talk, you are supposed to move to your poster immediately.
  • Please submit your presentation slides to web submission system by October 10th.


  • We accept ONLY PDF file. Other file formats (e.g. MS PowerPoint) are REJECTED.
  • If you do not send presentation slides (PDF file) by the deadline, you have to give your presentation without showing any slides.
  • Please make sure that your presentation slides are written in English. If multi-byte characters (e.g. Chinese characters) are used, the layout may collapse. In such case, we recommend you to embed all the fonts you used in your slides into the PDF file.
  • Example of short talk slides.
    (4:3 aspect ratio is preferred)

Online Poster Exhibition Session

  • Please prepare two poster files, and submit them to web submission system by October 10th.
    • Submit "title poster" from HERE
    • Submit "main poster" from HERE
    1. Title poster (in wide rectangular shape)
    2. Example file
      (1:5 aspect ratio is preferred)

      Example view on Gather

    3. Main poster (no size limitation)
    4. You can use same poster as the on-site session.

      Example file (portrait)

      Example view on Gather (portrait)

      Example file (landscape)

      Example view on Gather (landscape)

  • Paper title, paper number, author names, and affiliations should be printed on the posters.
  • Please stay around your poster during your assigned poster session.
  • You can share your PC screen with the audience using Gather.


  • We accept ONLY JPEG format. Other file formats are REJECTED.
  • If you failed to send JPEG file by the above deadline, your poster will be skipped.
  • Please make sure that your poster is written in English.

Please forward any questions to: (Masayuki Hiromoto, Presentation Chair of SASIMI 2022)

Last Modified: October 6, 2022