Registration Information

All participants including invited speakers, panelists, moderators, and session chairs are required to make registration with the payment of appropriate fee as follows:

Registration Fee: By Friday, September 9 September 30, 2022 From Saturday, September 10 October 1, 2022
Full Registration 40,000 JPYen 45,000 JPYen
Regular Registration 40,000 JPYen 45,000 JPYen
Student Registration 25,000 JPYen 30,000 JPYen

*All fees are in Japanese Yen.
*Tax is not applicable for above registration fee.

Please note that each paper shall be accompanied by at least one different workshop registrant with the "full" registration type (e.g., two "full" registrations are needed for presenting two accepted papers). Besides, a co-author of any registration type can present the work at the workshop.

(Please refer to the submission page)

For example, assume that students A, B, and professor C are attending the workshop to present two papers with the following authorship.
- Authors of Paper 1: A and C
- Authors of Paper 2: B and C

In this case, possible registration types of (A, B, C) are
(A: Full, B: Full, C: Regular),
(A: Student, B: Full, C: Full), or
(A: Full, B: Student, C: Full).
The latter two are cost-efficient.

For the registration, please access the registration site.

  • For your payment, please access the payment site.
    • This workshop accepts CREDIT CARD payment only.
      Please prepare your valid credit card and proceed to the payment site above.
    • The registration chair asks all participants to pay the fee within a week after the registration.
  • For the receipt or certification of attendance, please access the receipt site. This site will be activated after September 10, 2022.
  • Cancellation policy:
    • When written notification of cancellation is received by Registration Chair by September 10, 2022, refunds will be made after the workshop.
    • All refunds are subject to a handling charge of 5,000 Japanese Yen. No refunds will be made for cancellation requests received after September 10, 2022.

Last Modified: September 16, 2022