Presentation Instructions

Notice for Presenters of Paper Sessions:

  • Short Talk Session
    • You are requested to make a 2-minute oral presentation in the main hall at the beginning of the session for your paper. Please prepare your presentation slides up to 3 pages (including a title slide) in a PDF file.
    • PDF files of all presenters are assembled to one PDF file for the oral presentation by conference staffs prior to opening of the conference, and the PDF file is stored in the equipped PC of the projector in the hall.
    • You can show your slides in the PDF file by your operation of the PC during your presentation.
    • Please note that you are not allowed to use your own PC in your presentation, and any slide replacement in the day is not accepted due to the common PC and PDF file.
    • After the oral presentation, you are supposed to move to the poster room immediately.
    • Please submit your presentation slides via the web submission system by February 23 (Friday).
    • Before the beginning of your presentation session, please sit in the Presentation Standby Seats according to your presentation sequence number.
  • NOTE:
    • We accept Only PDF file. Other file formats, e.g. MS PowerPoint, are REJECTED to receive as the presentation slides.
    • If you do not send presentation slides (PDF file) by above deadline you have to give your presentation without showing any slide.
    • A name of your PDF file has to be same as your paper number, e.g. R1-1, R1-2, shown in Advance Program (
    • Please make sure that your presentation slides are written in English. If multi-byte characters, e.g. Chinese character, are used with English character, layout disruptions may be occurred in your slides. In such case, we recommend you to embed all fonts in the PDF file for your slides.
  • Poster Exhibition Session
    • You can pin a sheet of A0 size (841 mm x 1200 mm) poster to a poster board, which effective area is 900 mm (Width) x 1500 mm (Height).
    • Paper title, paper number, author names and affiliations should be printed on the poster.
    • Please stay and tuned around your poster during the poster session of your paper.
    • Unlike the oral presentation, we do not prepare any PC, printer nor projector for the poster session. You may use your own note PC for your explanation.
    • Your poster should be on the poster board and ready in the poster room generally before Opening Ceremony (9:00 on March 11), at the latest by your session.
    • You can start to put your poster on the board from 8:30 AM on March 11.
    • Please kindly remove your poster by the end of Poster Session IV. Otherwise, it will be discarded.

Floor Plan

Last Modified: February 25, 2024