Colocated Event


A company will present and demonstrate the products at the poster room.

S2C Inc., a leading supplier of rapid SoC prototyping tools will exhibit:
UltraScale Prodigy Logic Modules based on the Xilinx Virtex UltraScale and Kintex UltraScale FPGAs.

  • Most cost-effective solutions to meet different design sizes and applications
  • Smallest standalone systems ease field testing deployment burden
  • Solutions integrated and easily scalable with S2C’s Prodigy Complete Prototyping Platform
  • Up to 88 Million ASIC gate for Standalone Prodigy Logic Modules
  • Up to 1.4 Billion ASIC gate for Enterprise Class Prodigy Logic Module

S2C’s Prodigy Complete Prototyping Platform including

  • Prodigy ProtoBridge? for linking FPGA prototyping to system-level simulations
  • Prodigy Debug Module for multi-FPGA deep trace debug
  • Vast library of 80+ daughter cards to meet a variety of interface needs
    • PCIe x8 Gen3
    • HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI
    • SRAM, DDR4, DDR3
    • Zynq ZC7xx, ARM1176 GUC Test Chip
    • etc…

Customers with projects or others issues are welcome to visit us.

Last Modified: September 15, 2016